We provide a wide range of infrastructure IT solutions and services, relying on the experience of our team, our partners, and a broad network of trusted and certified consultants, engineers and project managers.
We constantly train and develop our specialists, while expanding our partner network and building on our competencies.

  • Data center
  • Network infrastructure
  • Border control solutions
  • Data protection
  • Video surveillance
  • Intelligent border guarding solutions
  • Risk Management

Data center


Data Centers are the heart of every corporate infrastructure. They are the basis for providing services to both the organization itself and end-users. We design, build, optimize, and modernize Data Centers, selecting and integrating components and solutions from leading IT vendors to deliver complete, flexible, and reliable solutions.

We are focused on providing solutions and services for building and managing:



We design, build, manage and maintain corporate networks. We rely on our partnership with Cisco Systems and our team of experienced and certified specialists.


Border control


Identity document like passports and ID cards are much more than proof of a person’s identity. The document owner’s biometric data kept in the clip allows for the automatization of processes such as border control. Together with our partners from secunet, we are implementing a system which will turn border control into an easy and significantly more efficient process that will be completed within a few seconds. Easygate offers the highest level of security and maximum convenience to travelers. The product is easily adaptable to individual requirements and specific goals and with its unsurpassed dependability, it is winning the trust of clients from all over Europe.


Storage and working with large amounts of information from different sources, distance working and the use of a wide range of mobile devices and different applications, require the mandatory implementation of security solutions in each organization. Compliance and Regulations also play a role how to protect the information and the business from external attacks and violations.

Together with our partners we offer a full range of security services and solutions:

Video surveillance

We provide solutions for video surveillance, video-management systems (VMS), video data storage and analysis solutions, specialized solutions, etc.


Intelligent border

guarding solutions

National border defense and security relies primarily on police protection. The development of video surveillance and video imaging analysis technologies gives a lot of opportunities for their broader use. With the help of intelligent solutions from leading manufactures in this field, we work towards optimizing the use of live security and increasing the effectiveness of our national borders protection.
Our innovative solutions in the fields of national defense, government, manufacturing, and environmental and industry protection improve the concept and perception of technology.
Through thermal imaging equipment, we strive to strengthen public safety and increase time and energy efficiency.

Risk analysis

Our expertise allows us to combine the various aspects of services, related to information security and video surveillance in a comprehensive consulting service for risk analysis service and risk management to ensure and guarantee the safe execution of your daily activities, operations and projects.


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