The implementation of Entry/Exit system has already started

As part of the Smart Borders Initiative, the European Parliament has decided to set up biometric entry/exit system (EES) in and out of the EU. From 2022 Third-country nationals (TCN) will be able to register with four fingerprints and facial recognition when entering the Schengen area by land, sea and air. Modern identity documents such as electronic passport and national ID cards are far more than evidence of an individual’s personal identity. Together with our partners from secunet, we are implementing system that will make border control an easy and significantly more efficient process that will be completed in a matter of seconds. Easygate provides highest level of security and maximum passenger comfort. Secunet Easygate adapts easily to individual requirements and specific purposes with unmatched reliability the product gained the trust of customers from all over Europe.

How secunet easygate works?
When the electric passport is placed on the reader, both the optical and the electronic security elements of the ID document are checked. At the same time, an enquiry is sent to official background systems to check for example whether the passport has been reported stolen. Once the check has been completed, access to the border control gate opens. The face is photographed and compared with the passport image already read from the chip. If the biometric data matches and the system determines that the passenger is entitled to cross the border, he is allowed to do so. With secunet easygate the entire border crossing process takes on average 12-15 seconds. Border guards follow the process on monitors and can step in when necessary. They can use the results of the check to decide whether additional police measures are necessary.

Secunet easygate benefits are:
– Higher passenger throughput due to intuitive user interface;
– Unique level of security;
– Low-maintenance design for reliable service life and high availability;  
– Comprehensive optical document checking; Reliable detection of fakes and forgeries;
– Intelligent sensor technology;
– Optimized passenger flow;
– Intuitive user interface: From presenting the document to leaving the gate.
As we know, queues at border control counters keep growing longer as the numbers of passengers increase. This brings about delays in the entry process. The control of travelers from third countries is particularly time consuming due to the amount of data which has to be collected.
Secunet easykiosk automates the most time-consuming steps of the border control process. Entering and exiting the country becomes more comfortable for travelers, while relieving border control staff – especially during peak times.

How secunet easykiosk works?
Before approaching the border control counter, the traveler registers the required data himself at the easykiosk. This automated process comprises three steps:

  1. Reading and authentication of the passport – the passenger must place his travel document onto the document reader.
  2. Capturing of the traveler’s biometric data – depending on requirements, face, fingerprint as well as iris scanning are supported (for the acquisition of face and iris image the kiosk is equipped with an automatic height adjustment)
  3. Completing the official entry survey – passengers complete the official entry on a modern touch screen (this replaces the traditional filing in of entry forms by hand).

Secunet easykiosk can be optimally integrated with secunet easygate. The secunet easykiosk and secunet easytower solutions provide ISO-compliant high-quality facial imaging and/or fingerprint. How secunet easytower works?  
The integrated diffused lighting provides high-quality, properly illuminated images, ensuring homogeneous exposure of the face even under unfavorable lighting conditions. Automatic height adjustment of the camera system and additional diffused lighting for proper illumination ensure frontal facial image quality according to ISO 19794-5:2011. Thus all EES quality requirements are fulfilled. In addition, it adapts flexibly to the various border control booths at any time. Thanks to the intuitive user guidance, the easytower can be easily operated by both travelers and border guards.
The implementation of eGate has already started at Sofia Airport, then continues at Bourgas and Varna Airports. According to the expectations of SSARM and secunet, the project will be completed before the end of the summer of 2021.